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Builder Select are independent and work to help the client select the right builder. We’re a brokerage model in the building industry similar to mortgage finance and insurance brokers in their respective fields.

How many builders do you have:

Feel free to lodge an enquiry with our friendly team, management will make contact with you directly to further discuss however we only work with select, industry leading builders. We continue to monitor, update, add and remove builders from the panel regularly. You won’t inundated with contact from our builders, nor will you receive too many builder offers. We will present you with the best 2 – 4 offers, obligation free.

How to know which builders to trust:

Our industry insights and our team’s wealth of experience ensures that we’re only connecting you to select, trusted and industry leading builders. We suggest that you create a list of questions that are important to you when selecting the right builder and we will go through these with you, and the builder should it be required.

Who is there to help me if there is an issue?

We work for you and are your trusted advocate!

Building can sometimes be the most difficult process you’ll go through, for example weather delays cannot be avoided, however finance hold ups and unforeseen circumstances may occur. Rest assured that we’re there for you throughout the entire process and will take you through step by step the best way to navigate through these times.

We can review your build contract and ensure that all contract clauses are fair and reasonable, and that the builder has met the brief with their offer.

We find that with our assistance in providing you with a short list of suitable builders, guiding you through the selection process, interviewing and researching the short list of builders – this will negate almost all possible issues that may arise.

Communication is the key, slow it down, taking the time upfront will see you achieve the best possible outcome when selecting the right builder for you and this will make the process as successful and enjoyable as possible. In the off chance an issue arises that cannot be agreed upon or worked through with your builder and yourself directly, we’re happy to become involved where required to ensure the matter is resolved in a fruitful,  timely, respectful and diplomatic manner for you.

Can we meet with a Builder Select consultant at home, or after hours?

Yes, we understand the importance of being flexible and can meet at a time and place that suits all parties.